HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The border-radius property creates a round
corner for page elements. These values base
corners on a circle that is 40 pixels in
radius. The Mozilla browser extension
defines this property for Mozilla-based
browsers, while the WebKit extension
defines the property for Safari browsers.
The border- b ottom
property defines the
appearance of an
element's bottom border.
These values create a
1-pixel border in a solid
style with the color value
(182, 182, 92) .
These values create a
5-pixel border in the
inset style with the color
value (227, 168, 145) .
The paddin g property
sets the padding space
around element content.
These values create
padding space that is
10 pixels above the
content, 5 pixels below
the content, and
automatic to the left
and right of the content.
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