HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Session 4.1 Quick Check
1. Provide a style rule to display all inline images as blocks.
2. Provide a style rule to add the fi le author.jpg as a background image to the
header element, display the image on the bottom-right corner of the element
without tiling, and set the background color to yellow.
3. What style rule would you use to tile the background image fi le bar.png hori-
zontally in the background of the page body, starting from the top-left corner of
the page?
4. Provide a style rule to display the logo.png and side.png image fi les in the page
body background. Place logo.png in the top-left corner of the background and
side.png in the top-right corner. Do not tile the logo.png image, and tile the
side.png image only vertically. Set up your style so that logo.png is loaded last
by the browser.
5. Provide a style rule for the fi rst section element within the page body to set the
size of the section's background image fi le, author.png , to 300 pixels wide by
200 pixels high. Use progressive enhancement to support the Presto, Mozilla,
and WebKit rendering engines as well as browsers that support the CSS3
specifi cations.
6. What type of layout design should you use to set the width of the page to
1200 pixels, regardless of the rendering device?
7. Provide a style rule to fl oat all fi gure boxes on the right margin when nested
within an article element.
8. Provide a style rule to display the footer element only when both left and right
margins are free of fl oating elements.
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