HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Floating Objects
The display property
specifies how browsers
should display the element.
The block value displays
the list items as blocks.
The left value floats
each list item on the left.
The float property floats
the element on the
specified margin.
Floating every object on
the same margin causes
them to stack up in a
single row.
float: left;
float: left;
float: left;
This code creates the right bar
image using the bar2.png file, by
placing it in the top-right corner
of the element, and repeating it
in the vertical direction .
Create the biker background image by
placing the biker.png image in the
bot tom-right corner of the content box
with no repetition of the image. Set the
size of the image to 230 pixels wide by
270 pixels high.
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