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Case Problem 3
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: civilwartxt.htm, cw_layout.css,
cw_stylestxt.css, cwphoto.png, modernizr-1.5.js, mwulogo.png, pcphoto.png
The Civil War and Reconstruction Peter Craft is a professor of military history at Midwest
University. The college is offering a series of online courses, one of which is The Civil War
and Reconstruction taught by Professor Craft. He has developed the online content and
has had a colleague help with the page layout. You've been asked to complete the project
by creating text and color styles. A preview of the sample page is shown in Figure 3-64.
Figure 3-64
Civil War and Reconstruction page
Complete the following:
1. Open the civilwartxt.htm and cw_stylestxt.css fi les in your text editor. Add your
name and the date to the comment section of each fi le, and then save the fi les as
civilwar.htm and cw_styles.css , respectively.
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