HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Case Problem 2
Apply your
knowledge of
CSS to design
a Web page for
a bike touring
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: bmtourtxt.htm, modernizr-1.5.js,
mw_layout.css, mw_stylestxt.css, mwlogo.png, wheelmarker.png
Mountain Wheels Adriana and Ivan Turchenko are the co-owners of Mountain Wheels,
a bike shop and touring agency in Littleton, Colorado. One of their most popular tours
is the Bike the Mountains Tour, a six-day excursion over some of the highest roads in
Colorado. Adriana wants to update the company's Web site to provide more informa-
tion about the Bike the Mountains Tour. She already has had a colleague design a three-
column layout with a list of links in the fi rst column and descriptive text in the second and
third columns. She has asked for your help in completing the design by formatting the text
and colors in the page. Figure 3-63 shows a preview of the Web page you'll create.
Figure 3-63
Bike the Mountains page
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