HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Review Assignments
Practice the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: CloisterBlack.eot, CloisterBlack.svg,
CloisterBlack.ttf, CloisterBlack.txt, CloisterBlack.woff, fl ake.png, holiday.jpg,
holidaytxt.htm, hs_layout.css, hs_stylestxt.css, modernizr-1.5.js, salogo.png
Tammy has been working with the Web site you designed. She's returned to you for help
with another Web page. The Sunny Acres farm is planning a festival called Holidays on
the Farm to bring people to Sunny Acres during the months of November and December.
The farm is planning to offer sleigh rides, sledding (weather permitting), and visits with
Santa Claus. Tammy already has created the content for this page and located a few
graphics she wants you to use. She needs you to complete the Web page by creating
a style sheet for the text and colors in the page. A preview of the page you'll create for
Tammy is shown in Figure 3-61.
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