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To insert and apply the NobileRegular font:
1. Using your text editor, open the nobile.txt text file located in the
tutorial.03/tutorial folder.
2. Copy the @font-face rule located at the top of the file.
3. Return to the sa_styles.css file in your text editor.
4. Paste the copied text of the @font-face rule into your style sheet directly above
the style rule for the body element.
Next, you'll revise the style rule for the body element so that it uses the
NobileRegular font as the first option, if available and supported by the browser.
You'll also set the line height of body text to 1.4 em and the line height of the
page headings to 1.8 em to accommodate the metrics of this new font.
5. Within the font-family property for the body element, insert NobileRegular fol-
lowed by a comma and a space, at the beginning of the font list.
6. Add the property line-height: 1.4em; to the style rule for the body element
and line-height: 1.8em; to the style rules for the h1 and h2 elements.
Figure 3-39 highlights the newly inserted text in the style sheet.
Figure 3-39
Inserting a Web font
Embedded OpenType
font (Intern e t Explorer)
Web Open Font
Format font
TrueTy p e font
Scalable Vect or
Graphics font
instructs browsers
to use the Web font
first, if available, as
the default for all
body text
set the line height
to accommodate
the new font
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