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To view the extended list of color names:
1. Use your browser to open the demo_color_names.htm file from the
tutorial.03\demo folder included with your Data Files.
2. As shown in Figure 3-11, the demo page displays the list of 140 color names along
with their color values expressed both as RGB triplets and in hexadecimal form.
Figure 3-11
A partial list of extended color names
3. Close the page when you are finished reviewing the extended color names list.
Written Communication: Communicating in Color
Humans are born to respond to color. Studies have shown that infants as young as two
months prefer colorful objects to non-colored objects, and that memory is often associated
with color. While marketing products such as clothes, companies rely on knowing what
colors are “in” and what colors are passé. Your color choices can also impact the way your
Web pages are received. You want to choose a color scheme that is tailored to the person-
ality and interests of your target audience.
Color also evokes an emotional response, in which certain colors are associated with
particular feelings or concepts, such as:
red —assertive, powerful, sexy, dangerous
pink —innocent, romantic, feminine
black —strong, classic, stylish
gray —business-like, detached
yellow —warm, cheerful, optimistic
blue —consoling, serene, quiet
orange —friendly, vigorous, inviting
white —clean, pure, straightforward, innocent
International businesses need to understand how cultural differences can affect people's
responses to color. For instance, white, which is associated with innocence in Western cul-
tures, is the color of mourning in China; yellow is considered a bright, cheerful color in the
West, while in Buddhist countries it represents spirituality.
When you develop a Web site design, you should test it out before a group of potential
customers. In addition to evaluating responses to the content of your Web site, pay atten-
tion to reactions to its presentation and appearance, including your color choices.
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