HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Every style rule needs to be enclosed in curly braces,
with the style property values separated by semicolons.
The selector defi n es what element or elements are
affected by a rule.
The background-color style property sets the
background color.
The color style property sets the text color.
CSS supports color names for a select group of
commonly used colors.
The HSL model selects color from a color wheel at
varying levels of saturation and ligh t ness.
CSS Color Models
rgb( red , green , blue )
hsl( hue , saturation , lightness )
red , green , and blue range
from 0 (no intensity) up to
255 (highest intensity)
hue ranges from 0 to
360 degrees, saturation and
lightness vary from 0% to 100%
The RGB model combines red, blue, and green color of
varying intensities.
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