HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Complete the following:
1. Create HTML fi les named tempest.htm , commentary.htm , and cast.htm , saving
them in the tutorial.02\case4 folder included with your Data Files. Add comment
tags to the head section of each document containing your name and the date. Add
an appropriate page title to each document.
2. Using the contents of the tempest.txt, notes.txt, and characters.txt text fi les, create
the body of the three Web pages in Steve's Web site. You can supplement the mate-
rial on the page with appropriate material you fi nd on your own.
3. Use the tempest.jpg fi le as a logo for the page. Create an image map from the logo
pointing to the tempest.htm, commentary.htm, and cast.htm fi les. The three rect-
angular boxes on the logo have the following coordinates for their upper-left and
lower-right corners:
The Play: (228, 139) (345, 173)
Commentary: (359, 139) (508, 173)
The Cast: (520, 139) (638, 173)
4. Use this image map in all three of the Web pages for this Web site.
5. Create links between the dialog on the play page and the notes on the commentary
page. The notes contain line numbers to aid you in linking each line of dialog to the
appropriate note.
6. Create a link between the fi rst appearance of each character's name in the tempest.
htm page and the character's description on the cast.htm page.
7. Include a link to Steve Karls' e-mail address on the tempest.htm page. Steve's e-mail
address is stevekarls@mansfi . E-mail sent to Steve's account from this Web
page should have the subject line Comments on the Tempest .
8. Add appropriate meta elements to each of the three pages documenting the page's
contents and purpose.
9. Search the Web for sites that would provide additional material about the play.
Add links to these pages on the tempest.htm page. The links should open in a new
browser window or tab.
10. Submit your completed fi les to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
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