HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
9. Return to the CAMshots home page and click the hypertext links for the other
terms in the list of photo settings, verifying that you jump to the section of the
glossary that displays each term's definition.
Written Communication: Creating Effective Hypertext Links
To make it easier for users to navigate your Web site, the text of your hypertext links should
tell readers exactly what type of document the link points to. For example, the link text
Click here for more information.
doesn't tell the user what type of document will appear when here is clicked. In place of
phrases like click here , use descriptive link text such as
For more information, view our list of frequently asked questions .
If the link points to a non-HTML file, such as a PDF document, include that information in
the link text. If the linked document is extremely large and will take a while to download
to the user's computer, include that information in your link text so that users can decide
whether or not to initiate the transfer. For example, the following link text informs users of
both the type of document and its size before they initiate the link:
Download our complete manual (PDF 2 MB) .
Finally, when designing the style of your Web site, make your links easy to recognize.
Because most browsers underline hypertext links, don't use underlining for other text ele-
ments; use italic or boldface fonts instead. Users should never be confused about what is a
link and what is not. Also, if you apply a color to your text, do not choose colors that make
your hyperlinks harder to pick out against the Web page background.
You've completed your initial work linking the three fi les in Gerry's Web site. In the
next session, you'll learn how to work with linked images and how to create links to
external Web sites and Internet resources. If you want to take a break before starting the
next session, you can close your fi les and your Web browser now.
Session 2.1 Quick Check
1. What is a navigation list? How would you mark up a navigation list in HTML5?
How would you mark up a navigation list prior to HTML5?
2. What is a linear structure? What is a hierarchical structure?
3. What code would you enter to link the text Sports Info to the sports.htm fi le?
Assume that the current document and sports.htm are in the same folder.
4. What's the difference between an absolute path and a relative path?
5. What is the purpose of the base element?
6. Specify the code for marking the text CAMshots FAQ as an h2 heading with the
id faq .
7. Specify the code for marking the text Read our FAQ as a hypertext link to an ele-
ment in the current document with the id faq .
8. Specify the code for marking the text Read our FAQ as a hypertext link pointing
to an element with the id faq in the help.htm fi le. Assume that help.htm lies in
the same folder as the current document.
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