HTML and CSS Reference
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5. Scroll to the bottom of the file and locate the text Return to Top .
6. Mark the text as a hyperlink, pointing to the element with an id value of top . See
Figure 2-23.
Figure 2-23
Hypertext link to jump to the top
link to t he element
with the id top
7. Save your changes to the file and then reload or refresh the glossary.htm file in
your Web browser. As shown in Figure 2-24, the letters A through F in the alpha-
betical list are displayed as hypertext links.
8. Click the link for F and verify that you jump down to the end of the document,
where the photographic terms starting with the letter F are listed.
Figure 2-24
Hypertext links in the glossary page
hypertext links to
sections within
the glossary
9. Click the Return to Top hypertext link and verify that you jump back to the top of
the document.
10. Click the other links within the document and verify that you jump to the correct
sections of the glossary.
Trouble? The browser cannot scroll farther than the end of the page. As a result,
you might not see any difference between jumping to the E section of the glossary
and jumping to the F section.
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