HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2-17
Jumping to a location within a document
In general, Web pages
should not span more
than one or two screen
heights. Studies show that
busy users often skip long
Web pages.
Clicking the letter D from the alphabetical list …
… jumps to the D heading of the glossary.
Add the navigation list to the glossary page now.
To create the navigation list:
1. Return to the glossary.htm file in your text editor.
2. Scroll down to the section element. Directly below the h1 Glossary heading, insert
the following navigation list (see Figure 2-18):
[A] [B] [C]
[D] [E] [F]
[G] [H] [I]
[J] [K] [L]
[M] [N] [O]
[P] [Q] [R]
[S] [T] [U]
[V] [W] [X]
[Y] [Z]
Figure 2-18
Adding a navigation element to the glossary
text wit hin the
nav element
3. Save your changes to the file.
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