HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 2-6
Web site with no coherent structure
This confusing structure makes it diffi cult for users to grasp the site's contents and
scope. The user might not even be aware of the presence of some pages because there
are no connecting links, and some of the links point in only one direction. The Web is
a competitive place; studies have shown that users who don't see how to get what they
want within the fi rst few seconds often leave a Web site. How long would a user spend
on a site like the one shown in Figure 2-6?
Protected Structures
Sections of most commercial Web sites are off-limits except to subscribers and registered
customers. As shown in Figure 2-7, these sites have a password-protected Web page that
users must go through to get to the off-limits areas. The same Web site design principles
apply to the protected section as the regular, open section of the site.
Figure 2-7
A protected structure
public site
protected section
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