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data Files needed for the review assignments: fed10txt.htm, fedpaper.css, hdologo.
png, keytxt.js, keywords.css, modernizr-1.5.js, print.css, stylestxt.js
Norene has another application for you to add to her library of historic documents. Some
documents are not broken into sections, so creating a table of contents would not be
appropriate. For those documents, Norene wants the Web page to display a box con-
taining a sorted list of keywords and phrases found in the document. Each keyword or
phrase has been marked in the documents with a dfn (definition) element. The entries in
the keyword list need to search the current historic document for the presence of these
dfn elements, and then create links between the keyword list entries and the keywords
in the document. Norene also wants the page to have a Web version and a print version,
and she wants users to be able to easily switch between the two.
Figure 14-65 shows a preview of the page created for the tenth Federalist paper writ-
ten by James Madison in 1787 on the danger of factions to the republic.
Figure 14-65
Federalist papers #10 web page
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