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To set the display status of that heading, you then can call the isHidden() function as
if (isHidden(TOCentry)) displayStatus = “none”
else displayStatus = “”;
Finally, you can apply the value of the displayStatus variable to the heading and subse-
quent element nodes using the command = displayStatus;
You'll add these commands to the expandCollapseDoc() function now.
To complete the expandCollapseDoc() function:
1. Scroll up to the expandCollapseDoc() function and then insert the following com-
mands within the first if condition:
var TOCentry = document.getElementById(“TOC” +;
if (isHidden(TOCentry)) displayStatus = “none”
else displayStatus = “”;
2. Add the following command to the second if condition, as shown in Figure 14-55: = displayStatus;
Figure 14-55
completing the expandcollapsedoc() function
3. Scroll up to the expandCollapse() function, and then add the following statements
to the end of the function (see Figure 14-56):
/* Expand and collapse the source document to match
the table of contents */
Figure 14-56
completing the expandcollapse() function
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