HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 14-42
creating the span element for the plus/minus box
Next, you must determine where to place this plus/minus box within the table of con-
tents. Figure 14-43 shows where you would place the plus/minus box if you were writing
the HTML tags directly, and how it would be rendered on the Web page.
Figure 14-43
placement of the plus/minus box
<li id="TOChead34">
<a href="#head34">
<li id="TOChead35">
<a href="#head35">
I. Freedom of Expression
<li id="TOChead36">
<a href="#head36">
II. Right to Bear Arms
plus/minus box
plus/minus box
HTML fragment
Rendered elements
Figure 14-44 shows how this HTML fragment would be represented in the node tree.
Note that in order to simplify the diagram, attribute nodes are not shown.
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