HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
You've finished making the table of contents into a nested list of hypertext links. In the
next session, you'll add more features to the table of contents, including the ability to
contract and expand the table of contents and the Constitution document.
Session 14.2 Quick Check
1. Provide the code to create two ul list elements—one nested inside of the other.
Use the variable name topList for the upper list element and the variable name
bottomList for the bottom list element.
2. In the previous question, what is the node reference to the topList object from a
list item found within the bottom list?
3. Why are attribute nodes not part of the document node tree?
4. Provide the node method to determine whether an element node contains the
type attribute.
5. Provide the command to create an input element with the variable name CBox
and a type attribute value of checkbox . Use an attribute node method in your
6. What expression would you use in the previous question to determine whether
the CBox input element has a type attribute?
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