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3. Replace the deleted line with the following code to create and append the hyper-
text link to each heading (see Figure 14-39):
/* Create a link to the heading node in the source document */
var linkItem = document.createElement(“a”);
linkItem.innerHTML = n.innerHTML;
linkItem.href = “#” +;
/* Append the hypertext link to the TOC list item */
Figure 14-39
creating list items as hypertext links
adds an id to every
list item in the TOC
creates a hypertext
link to the heading
element in the
source document
appends the
hypertext link to
the list item
4. Save your changes to the file, and then reload usconst.htm in your Web browser.
Verify that each entry in the table of contents appears as a hypertext link. See
Figure 14-40.
Figure 14-40
hypertext links in the table of contents
each list item is linked
to the corresponding
heading in the so u rce
5. Click a link in the table of contents and verify that the browser jumps to the cor-
responding heading in the source document.
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