Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Developing a simple
OSGi-based web application
This chapter covers
Setting up an enterprise OSGi container
Developing a simple OSGi-based web
Wiring components together with Blueprint
Using JNDI to integrate enterprise OSGi and
Java EE code
The web is one of the most fundamental parts of enterprise Java programming,
providing a frontend for almost every enterprise application. At the end of the
chapter 1, we mentioned that a trivial Hello World application didn't make much
sense when we were talking about enterprise OSG i, because enterprise applications
are by definition nontrivial . But that doesn't mean that writing them has to be com-
plicated or difficult! In this chapter, we'll get you going with a simple web applica-
tion, and then we'll move on to discuss the essential glue of enterprise OSG i:
Blueprint dependency injection. Think of it as Hello World Wide Web .
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