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If you'd rather use Blueprint, you can install the bundles of a Blueprint implemen-
tation (such as Aries) into GlassFish. The set of Aries bundles shipped with Karaf is a
good minimal set to get Blueprint working in GlassFish. This is a popular approach.
Another area where the GlassFish enterprise OSG i support isn't entirely standard is its
support for EJB s. We've already discussed how both Apache Aries and GlassFish can be
used to run EJB s in an OSG i environment in section 11.2.3. EJB support is an impor-
tant part of GlassFish's hybrid application approach, because it makes more of the
normal Java EE programming model accessible from within an OSG i environment.
The EJB support in Aries and GlassFish is unrelated, and so portability of OSG i EJB s
between the two platforms is limited. If you're keen on EJB s, it's worth noting that the
GlassFish support made it into a released version before the Aries version, and that it
may take a while for the Aries implementation to trickle into releases of consuming
servers such as Karaf and Geronimo.
By default, the GlassFish web console doesn't have views for OSG i administration, but
a console plug-in based on the Felix web console is available as a separate download.
GlassFish also ships the Felix Gogo console (see figure 13.10).
Although it has an open source license, a commercial edition of GlassFish is avail-
able, known as Oracle GlassFish Server. This edition includes support and bug fixes.
Figure 13.10
The Felix Gogo shell, as it appears in GlassFish
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