Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Coping with
the non-OSGi world
This chapter covers
How to use existing third-party libraries with OSGi
Patterns to avoid in OSGi where you can
How to work around some common problems
How to avoid doing more work than you need to
We've spent the majority of this topic talking to you about how amazing OSGi is,
and the fact that everybody should be using it. We believe this to be true, as do
many others, but not everybody thinks of OSG i when writing their code. If they did,
then there wouldn't be much need for this topic! Even though so many people do
now think of OSG i, there are plenty of excellent libraries that have been in use for
years, long before OSG i was as widely used as it is now.
We don't expect enterprise OSG i developers to work in isolation from all of the
non- OSG i code that exists. In fact, we would think you rather over-zealous if you
tried to. Rather than having to give up all those useful libraries, or waiting for them
to be packaged as OSG i bundles (which you should still ask for!), it's important to
learn how to work with what's already out there.
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