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specifications. Conveniently, several open source implementations of this specifica-
tion are available.
With a small amount of effort, and no changes to your core application at all,
you've seen that you can successfully add a remote service to your application. At no
point in this chapter did you have to deviate from a standard, and the only piece of
customization you did was to specify CXF and SCA configuration types in your end-
point definitions.
Although the Remote Services Specification is a straightforward way of remoting
OSG i services, its scope is restricted to relatively homogeneous OSG i-only systems. In
our experience, heterogeneous environments, with a mix of new and old compo-
nents, and OSG i components and non- OSG i components, are more common.
Although it works as a remote services implementation, one of SCA 's real strengths is
the flexibility of its bindings and component types, which allow a wide range of differ-
ent types of systems to be knit together into a harmonious unified architecture. We'll
discuss strategies for integrating heterogeneous systems, as well as how to migrate leg-
acy applications to an OSG i-based platform, in the next chapter.
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