Java Reference
In-Depth Information
OSGi and the
enterprise—why now?
This chapter covers
Why modularity is important, and how Java
stacks up
How OSGi enforces some simple rules to make
Java better at modularity
Why enterprise Java and OSGi traditionally
don't play well together
How enterprise OSGi fixes this, and what the
enterprise OSGi programming model looks like
Enterprise OSG i combines two of Java's most enduringly popular programming
models: enterprise Java and OSG i. Enterprise Java is a loosely defined set of librar-
ies, API s, and frameworks built on top of core Java that turn it into a powerful plat-
form for distributed, transactional, interactive, and persistent applications.
Enterprise Java has been hugely successful, but as the scale and complexity of enter-
prise Java applications have grown, they've started to look creaky, bloated, and
monolithic. OSG i applications, on the other hand, tend to be compact, modular,
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