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In section 8.2.2, we described how the Maven bundle plug-in could automatically find
Blueprint files. As far as we know, the Tycho plug-in hasn't achieved this level of sup-
port for enterprise OSG i. But whether you're using Tycho or the bundle plug-in,
Maven does have some more enterprise OSG i tricks up its sleeve.
The Maven EBA plug-in
Apache Aries provides a useful Maven plug-in for building EBA archives. All depen-
dencies listed in the EBA pom are zipped up into a generated .eba file.
Listing 8.5
The pom.xml file to build the Fancy Foods EBA
<name>Fancy Foods Application</name>
is EBA
More EBA
By default, the EBA plug-in will look for an APPLICATION.MF file in src/main/
resources/ META-INF . If none is found, it won't include an application manifest (don't
worry, the manifest is optional, so your application will still work). To have the EBA
EBA plug-in must
be referenced
By default, no
manifest is generated
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