Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Tools for
building and testing
This chapter covers
Strategies for building OSGi bundles
How to choose a set of tools that works for you
Useful command-line OSGi tools
Using Maven and Ant to build OSGi bundles
and EBA applications
How to unit test OSGi bundles
How to run tests on bundles inside an OSGi
As you've been working through the OSG i examples in this topic, we've cheerfully
assumed that you didn't need much help building your example bundles. After all,
an OSG i bundle is a JAR with some extra metadata, and even an enterprise OSG i
bundle is only an OSG i bundle with even more extra metadata. But just because you
can build OSG i bundles the same way that you build ordinary JAR s doesn't mean
you should . A lot of specialist tools are out there that can make the process of build-
ing your OSG i application easier and more robust.
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