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Fig. 6.36
Processing fl ow of image synthesis
Programs running on uITRON process the playback of motion pictures by utilizing
image processing cores such as the VPU, video engine unit (VEU), blend engine unit
(BEU), and display controller (LCDC) on RP-X. They also perform image syn-
thesis of a graphics plane and the motion pictures and generate output images to a
monitor connected to the digital visual interface (DVI). Programs operating on
Linux perform a similar-image search of detected faces, user interface control, and
graphic plane depiction that is synthesized with an output image of the similar-
image search. Figure 6.36 shows a processing flow of the image synthesis. First, the
decoded image of an input video stream is generated, and the size and position of
the image are adjusted to create a video plane on uITRON. Then, images used for
the similar-image search and a mouse-pointer trail are generated to create a graphics
plane on Linux. The synthesis of the video plane and the graphics plane is based on
an a plane that specifies transparent parts of the graphics plane synthesized with the
video plane. The a plane is created on Linux, and it is stored in the DDR3 memory
shared with Linux.
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