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Table 4.7 Performance and power consumption of RP-X
Operating frequency
Power ef fi ciency
648 MHz
0.74 W
324 MHz
36.9 GOPS
0.81 W
45.6 GOPS/W
324 MHz
41.5 GOPS
1.12 W
37.1 GOPS/W
0.40 W
114.7 GOPS
3.07 W
37.3 GOPS/W
FE-GAs are used for optical flow calculation of a VGA (640 × 480) video at 15fps
on the OS#2. These operations required 30.6 and 0.62 GOPS of the MX-2 and
FE-GA, respectively. The SH-X4 cores are used for database search using the
results of the above operations on the OS#3, as well as supporting of all the process-
ing including OS#1, OS#2, OS#3, and data transfers between the cores. The main
memories of 0.4, 0.6, 1.6, and 1.8 GB are assigned to OS#1, OS#2, OS#3, and PCI,
respectively, for a total of 4.4 GB. The details of the prototype system are described
in Chap. 6 .
Table 4.7 lists the total performance and power consumption at 1.15 V when
eight CPU cores, four FE-GAs, and two MX-2s are used at the same time. The
power efficiency of the CPU cores, FE-GAs, and MX-2s reached 42.9 GFLOPS/W,
41.5 GOPS/W, and 36.9 GOPS/W, respectively. The power consumption of the
other components was reduced to 0.40 W by clock gating of 31 out of 44 modules.
In total, if we count 1 GFLOPS as 1 GOPS, the RP-X achieved 37.3 GOPS/W at
1.15 V excluding I/O area power consumption.
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