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Nyaung Wee Kyun A seasonal home for the Moken, this island also has beaches,
clear water and wildlife, making it a popular stopover for boat tours. A resort has
long been under construction on nearby 115 Island.
High Rock From the surface it's little more than a tree-topped limestone outcrop-
ping, but High Rock is home to an abundance of marine life, including at least five
types of nudibranch, making it a lauded dive site.
Taung Taw Win Kyun (South Twin Island)/Myauk Taw Win Kyun (North Twin Is-
land) Home to at least three good dive sites including Pinnacle, north of Myauk Taw
Win Kyun (North Twin Island), a known manta ray gathering site during February/
March. Taung Taw Win Kyun (South Twin Island) has clear blue water and fan coral.
Bo Wei Kyun (Stewart Island) South of this island is a rocky outcrop with above-
and underwater caves. Nearby Maccarthy Rock has a beautiful limestone cliff more
than 30m high and good diving. Cavern Rock, nearby, is another good dive site.
Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island) This horseshoe-shaped island 40 nautical
miles from Kawthoung is home to Myanmar Andaman Resort, the only real beach
accommodation in the entire Myeik Archipelago. There are at least 20 known dive
sites around the island, including North Rock, where sea snakes and sea turtles are
often sighted.
Western Rocky An underwater cave that has been known to draw sharks makes
this arguably the Myeik Archipelago's finest dive site.
Thahtay Kyun Opposite Kawthoung, this beach-free island, known in Moken as Pu-
lau Ru, is home to Andaman Club. The resort offers trips to beaches on Zadetgale
Kyun and Zadetgyi Kyun (St Matthew's Island), each about 45 minutes away by
Sleeping & Eating
There's long been talk of tourism development in the Myeik Archipelago, but at research
time, among the 800-plus islands and hundreds of miles of coastline there was really
only one place to stay. Yes, you heard us right, one.
Myanmar Andaman Resort RESORT $$$
( in Kawthoung 059-51046, in Yangon 01-377 891; ; Kho Yinn
Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island); bungalows 3 nights $700-1220; ) Located in a beautiful
horseshoe-shaped bay on Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island), 72 nautical miles
from Kawthoung, is this low-key self-professed 'eco resort'.
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