HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Part 1
What is HTML5?
HTML5 promises to change the way web applications are developed by providing cross-browser
standardization. The term HTML5 has come to mean far more than just HTML, however. The HTML5
umbrella includes almost anything related to client-side functionality, including cascading style sheets
and a host of new browser-provided standard features.
Before I get into demonstrating all of this great capability, Chapter 1 will provide a quick overview
of the web environment. I'll then show you how HTML5 fits in. I'll give a high-level overview of the new
features included in the HTML5 umbrella and briefly describe the current browser support for HTML5.
This is rapidly changing but I'll provide some tips to show you how to determine what features are
This topic is intended primarily for the professional Visual Studio developer. However, in this
chapter I will demonstrate some free alternatives including Web Matrix and Visual Studio Express for
Web. These provide a great alternative, especially for those wanting to learn HTML5 who don't have
access to Visual Studio.
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