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Date/Time Fields
The feedback form contains the following date/time fields that demonstrate the browser-support for various
date-type fields:
Birthday - (Date) a single date (no time portion)
Favorite Month - (Month) an entire month
Busiest Week - (Week) an entire week
Start Date/Time - (DateTime) a single date including the time portion
Current Time - (Time) the time without any date
The date fields are text boxes where you can key the desired value. However, there is also an icon that
displays a date picker control. The different formats of this control (date, month, and week) are shown in
Figures 2-15 , 2-16 , and 2-17 , respectively. These controls are essentially the same except that the month and week
versions will only allow you to select the entire month or week. Notice that the week format also displays the
week number (from 1 to 52).
Figure 2-15. The date picker control
Figure 2-16. The date picker selecting an entire month
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