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In-Depth Information
Throughout this chapter you will be adding and modifying code in this project as you add features to the
application. If there is any question about where each change should be made, the final code is listed in Appendix C
and it is also available with the source download.
Creating the Project
You'll first need to create a Visual Studio project that is similar to ones you created previously. This will use the
Basic MVC4 project template.
eXerCISe 14-1. CreatING the VISUaL StUDIO prOJeCt
Start Visual Studio 2012. In the Start Page, click the new Project link.
In the new project dialog box, select the “ASP.nET MVC4 Web Application” template.
Enter the project name Chapter 14 and select a location for this project as shown in
Figure 14-2 .
Figure 14-2. Creating the Chapter 14 project
In the next dialog box, select the Basic template and make sure the Razor view
engine is selected. Click the oK button and the project will be created (this may take
a few seconds).
Right-click the Controller folder in the Solution Explorer and select the
Add ➤ Controller links. Enter the name HomeController and select the Empty
MVC Controller template. Click the Add button to create the controller.
Right-click the View folder and select the Add ➤ new Folder links. Enter the
name Home .
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