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Figure 13-14. The new chat page
Because the server is not running, the connection could not be established and the “Connection closed”
message is displayed. Close the window and stop the debugger.
Implementing the Client Application
You created the Client project earlier in the chapter to test the initial server implementation. Now you'll modify
the Index.cshtml file to function as the client side of the chat solution.
eXerCISe 13-7. CreatING the CLIeNt appLICatION
open the Index.cshtml file in the Client project.
replace the body element with the following markup. This adds a div element that
contains a textbox for the client's name and a submit button. A second div implements
the actual chat window. It includes a div that will display the chat messages, a text
box for entering a new message and a submit button that will send it.
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