HTML and CSS Reference
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Press F5 to start the application. The first time a site tries to access the
geolocation object you will get a prompt like the one shown in Figure 12-2 .
Figure 12-2. Prompting for geolocation access
i'm using iE 9 for this demonstration. if you're using a different browser this prompt may work a little
To test the error handler, expand the “options for this site” drop down and select the
“Always deny and don't tell me” option. The page should display an error message
like the one shown in Figure 12-3 .
Figure 12-3. Displaying the access denied error
once you have set this option, iE will no longer prompt you anymore but will
always deny the access. To clear this, select the Tools menu and then select
internet options. in the middle of the Privacy tab there are options to control the
geolocation access. Click the Clear Sites button shown in Figure 12-4 .
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