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Viewing the Default Database
When you create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio 2012 (or Express for Web), it will use SQL Server 2012 for
the default database. You don't need to install SQL Server; the necessary components are included with Visual
Studio. The database is actually created the first time it is needed so you'll need to start the application and login or
register. If you have SQL Server installed, you can view and modify the data using SQL Server Management Studio.
You can download and install SQL Server 2012 Express from this site: .
When connecting to the database, select “(LocalDb)\v11.0” for the server name and use Windows
authentication as shown in Figure 2-9 .
Figure 2-9. Connecting to the local DB
Once you have connected, select the appropriate database. Visual Studio creates a new database for each
project and the database name will be aspnet-<project name>-<date/time> . You can expand the database to
see the tables that are included, which will be the standard ASP membership tables, as shown in Figure 2-10 .
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