HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 9-4. The page with the snowman background
Reviewing SVG Support
As of this writing there were a few limitations in the current browsers. Only IE 9 and up and Chrome support the
features demonstrated in this chapter:
Opera - SVG support in Opera is limited. Embedding SVG elements in the HTML
document does not work well. It will display the shapes but does not apply the styles
correctly. It does display SVG image files, however.
Firefox, Opera, and Safari - These browsers support SVG elements as well as the SVG
images. However, the image is converted to a bitmap and then scaled as needed so you'll
see a fuzzy image.
Internet Explorer and Chrome - IE (9 and up) and Chrome supports SVG elements and
SVG images and scales images correctly with no loss of quality.
IE8 and below - IE, prior to version 9, does not support SVG.
Creating an Interactive Map
Drawing pictures of snowman may be fun but let's move on to some more practical uses of SVG. You will create
a map of the United States with each state represented by a separate SVG path element, which I'll explain later.
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