HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1-7. The standard ASP application
Visual Studio Express has some improvements over the Web Matrix application:
If you're used to working with Visual Studio, this will be very familiar.
Visual Studio Express includes all the debugging and IntelliSense capabilities of Visual
aspx pages with code-behind files.
You can build classic .
There are more project templates available including web services, AJAX controls, and
MVC applications.
The solutions created with Visual Studio Express are compatible with Visual Studio.
Deciphering Browser Support for HTML5
All of the work to move applications to HTML5 is based on the assumption that the majority of browsers will be
HTML5 compatible. This requires that the browser vendors step up to the plate and provide HTML5 compatible
browsers and that the public at-large will adopt them. This also includes mobile devices, which are a key part of the
push for HTML5 compliance. The general consensus is that we are moving in that direction at a pretty good clip.
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