HTML and CSS Reference
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Listing 8-1. The initial script element
<script type="text/javascript">
var audio = document.getElementById("audio");
function setupSeek() {
var seek = document.getElementById("audioSeek");
seek.min = 0;
seek.max = audio.duration;
seek.value = 0;
var duration = document.getElementById("duration");
duration.innerHTML = "0/" + Math.round(audio.duration);
function togglePlay() {
if (audio.paused || audio.ended) {;
else {
function updatePlayPause() {
var play=document.getElementById("play");
if (audio.paused || audio.ended) {
else {
function endAudio() {
document.getElementById("play").value = "Play";
document.getElementById("audioSeek").value = 0;
document.getElementById("duration").innerHTML = "0/" + Math.round(audio.duration);
This code first declares the audio variable that references the audio element. Since this is used by most of
the functions, it's more efficient to get it once and store it in a variable that all functions can access.
The first method, setupSeek() is called in response to the ondurationchange event. When the page is first
loaded, it doesn't know how long the audio clip is until the file is opened and the metadata is loaded. As soon
as the metadata has been loaded, the duration can be determined and the event is raised. The setupSeek()
function uses the duration property to set the max attribute of the audioSeek range control. It is also used to
set the initial value of the span element. The duration property is expressed in seconds. Notice that the
Math.round() function is called to round this value to the nearest integer.
The togglePlay() method is called when the user clicks on the Play button. If the current state of the
audio element is paused or ended, it calls the play() function. Otherwise it calls the pause() method. The
updatePlayPause() method sets the label of the play button. If the audio is currently playing, the text is changed
to “Pause” since that will be the result if the button is clicked. Otherwise, the text is set to “Play”.
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