HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Press F5 to debug the application. In Internet Explorer, go to the developer's tools and change the browser
mode to IE7 as I explained earlier. Your page should look like Figure 7-7 .
Figure 7-7. The demo page with modernizr as viewed in IE 7
Resetting the Styles
Wow! You thought Modernizr was supposed to make the page look better, right. Well, it's really not that bad; a
simple change will straighten things up.
It is generally a good idea to explicitly define default styles for basic things like margin, padding, and font
size rather than rely on the browser's defaults. Remember from Chapter 4 , any style attribute not explicitly
defined in your style sheet will revert to the browsers native style sheet. Since you can't control the browser's
default styles, it's best to set these yourself. Typically these basic rules are placed in a separate style sheet that is
often referred to as a reset style sheet.
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