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Figure 7-5. Adding the Home controller
10. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the Chapter 7 project and select the
Add ➤ new Folder links. Enter the name Images .
11. using windows Explorer, copy the images from the Chapter 4 project to the
Chapter 7 \images folder. (There should be 14 images in this folder.)
12. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the images folder and select the
Add ➤ Existing item links. in the Add Existing item dialog box, navigate to the
Chapter 7 \images folder, select all the images, and click the Add button.
13. open the Global.asax.cs file and find the Application_Start() method.
Remove the following line from this method. This will prevent the MVC framework
from including the default script and content files.
14. Save your changes and select internet Explorer as the default browser. Press F5 to
debug the application. depending on what version of internet Explorer you will have
varying results.
i'm using iE 9; if you have a different version you might need to adjust some of the following instructions.
15. in internet Explorer, from the tools menu, select the developer Tools link. This
provides several features for analyzing the current web page.
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