HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The minification process strips out white space and comments making the file more compact and
therefore faster to download. The bundling process automatically minifies the bundle. It uses a different
minification function for .css and .js files. The appropriate one is used by specifying either the StyleBundle or
ScriptBundle class. You can create your own minification function as well.
In this chapter you tried out a few very useful techniques that you may likely use in many of your web projects.
The features you used are:
Query selectors - take advantage of the same powerful CSS selectors in your JavaScript
Web workers - execute CPU intensive or slow operations on a separate thread to improve
overall responsiveness.
Bundling - create custom bundles to download just the files you need in a single server
Minification - compress the referenced files for faster download.
In Chapter 6 , I'll show you how the HTML5 improvements can be used in create mobile-friendly web
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