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public void setOrder(String value) {
if ( value != null ) {
order = value;
// Accessor used to get the Order #
public String getOrder() {
return order;
// Accessor used to set the Order Status
public void setStatus(String value) {
if ( value != null ) {
status = value;
// Accessor used to get the Order Status
public String getStatus() {
return status;
The Order object encapsulates the order and its status, and it will be passed between the applet
and servlet.
The OrderStatusApplet
The OrderStatusApplet will leverage some of the Java Swing classes that are bundled with
the JDK 1.1.6. You do not need to concern yourself with all the swing classes. The only two
you need to understand are the JTextField and JTextArea classes. The JTextField will hold
your order number, and the JTextArea will display the returned status. Listing 6.6 contains the
source for the client applet.
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