Java Reference
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replace() —The replace Function
replace( string , oldSubString , newSubString )
Searches a string , replacing all instances of oldSubString with newSubString .
replaceAt() —The replaceAt Function
replaceAt( string , element , index , separator )
Searches a string , replacing the original element with the indicated element .
squeeze() —The squeeze Function
squeeze( string )
Replaces instances of multiple whitespaces within a string with a single inter-word space.
subString() —The subString Function
subString( string , startIndex , length )
Returns a substring from a specified string beginning at the startIndex and traversing
length characters.
toString() —The toString Function
toString( value )
Converts any and all WMLScript data types to a string value.
trim() —The trim Function
trim( string )
Returns a string with all leading and trailing whitespace removed.
URL Library
The URL library contains a set of functions for handling both absolute URLs and relative URLs.
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