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elements() —The elements Function
elements( string , separator )
Determines the number of separator values in a given string .
find() —The find Function
find( string , substring )
Searches a string for the existence of a substring . Returns the index of the first character if
the substring is found. Returns -1 if substring is not found.
format() —The format Function
format( format , value )
Performs formatting on a string using a subset of the C language string formatting syntax.
insertAt() —The insertAt Function
insertAt( string , element , index , separator )
Inserts an element into an existing string at the specified index .
isEmpty() —The isEmpty Function
isEmpty( string )
Tests to determine whether a string is of length zero. Returns a boolean true/false based on the
result of this test.
length() —The length Function
length( string )
Returns the length of the designated string .
removeAt() —The removeAt Function
removeAt( string , index , separator )
Removes a string (and separator , if existing) at the indicated index .
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