Java Reference
In-Depth Information
minFloat() —The minFloat Function
Returns the smallest nonzero floating-point value supported by [IEEEE754] single precision,
floating-point format.
pow() —The pow Function
pow( value1 , value2 )
Raises value1 to the value2 power.
round() —The round function
round( value )
Rounds the designated value to the nearest integer.
sqrt() —The sqrt Function
sqrt( value )
Returns the square root of the designated value .
String Library
The String library contains a set of functions for performing string operations.
charAt() —The charAt Function
charAt( string , index )
Retrieves the character at the index from a specified string .
compare() —The compare Function
compare( string1 , string2 )
Returns 0 if string1 equals string2 ; -1 if string1 is less than string2 ; and 1 if string1 is
greater than string2 .
elementAt() —The elementAt Function
elementAt( string , n , separator )
Analyzes a string for separator values and returns the n th element after the designated
separator value.
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