Java Reference
In-Depth Information
This appendix is a reference to the libraries and functions used by WMLScript. An online ver-
sion of this standard library reference (also written by Bryan Morgan) is available from
Wireless Developer Network at .
Lang Library
The Lang library contains a set of functions that are closely related to the WMLScript language
abort() —The abort Function
abort( errorDescription )
Aborts the execution of the current WMLScript bytecode and returns the errorDescription
value back to the caller of the WMLScript interpreter.
abs() —The abs Function
abs( value )
Returns the absolute value of the given number. If the number is a floating-point number, the
function returns a floating-point value.
characterSet() —The characterSet Function
Returns the character set supported by the WMLScript Interpreter. The possible values returned
correspond to values defined by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA); see documenta-
tion at on Wireless Session Protocol for more information.
exit() —The exit Function
exit( value )
Forces a normal execution of a WMLScript function and returns control back to the caller.
float() —The float Function
Returns a boolean value indicating whether floating-point values are supported on this device.
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