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The TagExtraInfo Class
public abstract class TagExtraInfo extends java.lang.Object
This class provides extra tag information for a custom tag. It is mentioned in the TLD. This
class must be used if the tag defines any scripting variables, or if the tag wants to provide
translation-time validation of the tag attributes. The TagExtraInfo class has one field and five
methods, described in the following sections.
The tagInfo Field
protected TagInfo tagInfo
This field holds a reference to the TagInfo object.
The TagExtraInfo() Method
public TagExtraInfo()
This method is the default empty constructor for the TagExtraInfo class. TagExtraInfo() has
no parameters, returns no value, and throws no exceptions.
The getTagInfo() Method
public TagInfo getTagInfo()
This method returns the TagInfo object for this class. getTagInfo() has no parameters and
throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The getVariableInfo() Method
public VariableInfo[] getVariableInfo(TagData data)
This method returns information on scripting variables defined by this tag. getVariableInfo()
throws no exceptions.
It takes one parameter:
It returns this value:
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