Java Reference
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The reqTime Field
private boolean reqTime
This field holds a reference to the tag's request time.
The setValue() Method
setValue(java.lang.String name,
java.lang.String type,
boolean reqTime)
This method is the constructor for TagAttributeInfo . There is no public constructor. This
class is to be instantiated only from the tag library code under request from some JSP code that
is parsing a TLD. setValue() returns no value and throws no exceptions.
It takes three parameters:
The getIdAttribute() Method
public static TagAttributeInfo getIdAttribute(TagAttributeInfo[] a)
This method is a convenient method that goes through an array of TagAttributeInfo objects
and looks for “id”. getIdAttribute() throws no exceptions.
It takes one parameter:
It returns this value:
The getName() Method
public java.lang.String getName()
This method returns the name of the attribute for the Tag . getName() has no parameters and
throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
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