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The isAutoFlush() method returns whether auto flush is on or not. It has no parameters.
It returns this value:
It throws this exception:
The PageContext Class
public abstract class PageContext extends java.lang.Object
The PageContext class is an abstract class, designed to be extended to provide implementa-
tion-dependent implementations by JSP engine runtime environments. A PageContext instance
is obtained by a JSP implementation class by calling the JspFactory.getPageContext()
method, and is released by calling JspFactory.releasePageContext() .
The PageContext object provides a number of facilities to the page and/or component author
and page implementer. A list of some of these facilities includes
a single API to manage the various scoped namespaces
a number of convenience APIs to access various public objects
a mechanism to obtain the JspWriter for output
a mechanism to manage session usage by the page
a mechanism to expose page directive attributes to the scripting environment
mechanisms to forward or include the current request to other active components in the
a mechanism to handle errorpage exception processing
The PageContext class has 13 fields and 25 methods.
public static final java.lang.String APPLICATION
This field indicates a name used to store the ServletContext in the PageContext name table.
public static final int APPLICATION_SCOPE
This field indicates that a named reference remains available in the ServletContext until it is
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