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This field is a constant indicating that the Writer is not buffering output.
public static final int DEFAULT_BUFFER
This field is a constant indicating that the Writer is buffered and is using the implementation
default buffer size.
The bufferSize Field
protected int bufferSize
This field gives the Writer buffer size.
The autoFlush Field
protected boolean autoFlush
This field indicates whether the buffer will be automatically flushed.
The JspWriter() Method
protected JspWriter(int bufferSize, boolean autoFlush)
The JspWriter() method is a protected constructor. It returns no value and throws no excep-
It has two parameters:
The newLine() Method
public void newLine() throws
The newLine() method writes a line separator. The line separator string is defined by the sys-
tem property line.separator , and is not guaranteed to be a single new line (\n) character.
This method has no parameters and returns no value.
It throws this exception:
The print(boolean b) Method
public void print(boolean b) throws
The print(boolean b) method prints a boolean value. The string produced by
String.valueOf(boolean) is translated into bytes according to the platform's default charac-
ter encoding, and these bytes are written in exactly the manner of the Writer.write(int)
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